About us

We started to work with cryptocurrencies in 2016. It reminded us of a similar situation when the Internet started in the mid 1990s. It looked like a big thing, we saw the potential and were interested in everything about it. Soon we understood that cryptocurrencies and technologies on which they operate are not just the future of IT but they will also provide opportunities for a profit for their owners.

Gradually, we got into a world where the usual rules and truths were not working. Historical analyses, correlations, fundamentals, and other concepts from the stocks world can be used in a very limited way here. E.g. for stocks: “Buy Down, Sell High”. Here, often: „Buy and HODL“ work best (see Dictionary).

We were repeatedly asked by our friends to help them to get into the cryptosphere. Even though we did, the result was their astonishment as to how complicated it was. “Could you do it for me, please?” was the most common question.

When we stopped pursuing the demands of friends and others, we decided to create a platform in which everyone could participate in this unprecedent rise in prices. Even without the knowledge of IT and cryptoworld. We founded the Czech Crypto Company.

We act in the interests of our customers, align their and our interests so that we make the best of the potential that the blockchain and the cryptos allow.


We offer consulting and advisory services related to investments into cryptocurrencies.

Why you should choose us

Pro-client Approach

Our client is on the first place for us. Do you have zero investment experience? Or, have you been investing for twenty years? We work for everybody.


25 years of experience (2)

Coopers@Lybrand, T-Mobile, Price Waterhouse, Mobil Oil, Czech Post Office… are just– some of the companies we worked for.


25 years of experience (1)

Founders of the Czech Crypto Company have been working in a number of consultancy and other companies since 1990 and gained valuable business experience.



Crypto exchanges from Japan to the West Coast of the US are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor, analyze and evaluate them.


Professional Approach

We work at 100%. Until the job is done and the client is satisfied, we work.



It’s about money. Be cautious. Join us and make your own picture about us.


Our vision

Bitcoin is just the beginning. Other cryptocurrencies show only one direction of development.

What’s most important? BLOCKCHAIN! It’s a revolutionary software that will change most of what we have regarded as granted in a number of disciplines.

Meanwhile, on the blockchain platform cryptocurrencies work perfectly. Other applications will follow.

We want to be the first to see more practical ways to use the blockchain. We want to be the first to bring them to life. We want to be the first to adopt them so, everyone can use them.

  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Smart contracts
  • Data storage
  • Communication between people and machines

Our know-how

Crypto Exchanges 90%
Investing, analyses 85%
ICOs - research, analyses, recommendations 60%
Blockchain and its use for other applications 30%

Would you like to learn more about our approach?