How to invest

Safely and simply

If you use our services, it’s very easy.

Just contact us by email at or call +420 604 705 207 or click the “I want more information” button. We will agree on an appointment or discuss it all by email or by phone. If you will like our services, we will sign a contract.

Then we will open your on-line crypto “CCC Wallet”. You will find all necessary information in it – the amount of your initial investment, the current status of your investment, the distribution of the portfolio, etc. Your wallet is available non-stop and the data is updated every 5 minutes.

The “CCC Wallet” is completely safe and can not be stolen.

If you use our services, you do not have to deal with the registration on the crypto exchanges, or how and where to safely store the cryptocurrency. You do not have to deal with what are public keys, private keys, online or hardware wallets, or a bunch of other things you would otherwise need to know.

We are not an investment company or an investment fund, we do not hold funds, stocks, commodities… We are a consulting company specializing only in crypto. Your funds (dollars, euros, cryptos) remain yours. We “only” advise you how to invest in cryptos and guide you on the whole journey.

Advisory services

We constantly monitor the markets to give our clients the right information at the right time.


We monitor and evaluate the markets over the long term. We do not make short-term recommendations. Minimizing the risk is one of our missions.

Crypto Exchanges

We are registered and verified at leading world exchanges. (For illustration, up to 17 different documents need to be submitted for verification on a stock exchange.)


Investing in crypto not only brings profits but is also associated with risks. They can devalue the investment partly or completely! Exchange rates fluctuate often, fast and in both directions.

Workshops & Newsletters

We provide our clients with advice, including the organization of workshops and newsletters. We inform them of long-term trends, news and short-term news.


We present at conferences and seminars, give lectures at universities…

Are you considering an investment in cryptocurrency?